Media Tips

Making an Event Flyer – When your flyer is designed for desktop printing and the internet at a basic resolution under 400kb… you’re missing the point of making or designing a marketing idem that can be used in all of the media platforms.

If you can have your designer, design flyers in the at least 300dpi in a jpg format at 1MB min that would be great for every platform of media. Reminder: This marketing is designed to enhance your event and all events should not be planed only once… Think of every event will be held again… next week, monthly or even annually like your Birthday…

So, just like having a great meal… it starts with great food… content… All of your images, photos should be at a high resolution 1MB or higher in a Vector Format… say a pdf at 300dpi… if this is new to you… then do your best with what you have… say a jpg at 300dpi for all images, photos etc… Start large and then work your sizing down… Design 101 you can only reduce an image below it’s 100% size never increase it’s size with out pixilation – M. Kameron Hawkins – Founder & Publisher