Biography of Mr. Michael Kameron Hawkins – Kameron or Mr. Hawkins

It was on February 23rd, 1963, Michael Kameron Hawkins was born in Anaheim, CA. You may have had coffee or one of his fine handmade cigars with him. If you have, then he may have asked you the following. Let me tell you about the day I was born…

“I was born with all my nails, a full head of hair and four teeth. You can say I was ready to go. My mom told me. They placed me on her chest and that was a mistake. She said the scar from them stitching me back are with me for life. You bit so hard it took the nurse to wedge her thumps in your mouth to tear you off. So, no… breastfeeding never happen… Mom would say… that face smiling at me and all that energy… lord what kind of boy did you provide for me?” said M. Kameron Hawkins

This is a good time to provide you with one of Mr. Hawkins many sayings…

“When you’re born it’s an event, when you perish that too will be an event. So, live a life full of adventure and eventful…” M. Kameron Hawkins


Mr. Hawkins started in the world of media as a paperboy in Tempe, AZ back in 1970 with the Arizona Republic the fourth most read newspaper in the world at the time. Because of his passion for this genre of business, he found time to visit the print house at the HQ of this publication a few times a month. There he learned more about the ins and outs. Mr. Hawkins soon was becoming a newspaper young man.

By 1975 there was no more need for the paper rout boy. This kind of works was for adults that could drive. So, Mr. Hawkins signed up to oversee the retail and subscriptions of both Surfer and SkateBoarder magazine in the greater Tempe and Scottsdale, AZ areas. Mr. Hawkins passion for both art forms of print media and boarding came together. You could say, it was the perfect ride. Like all outstanding thinks in life that seem perfect, this ride too came to an end in 1977. You see, when Mr. Hawkins started in 1975 know one ask his age. Mr. Hawkins paid for everything in advance, magazines and stands etc. Her grow his area based on demand, starting with his first location on Mill Ave called CheapSkates in his hometown Tempe, AZ. Then corporate found out that when Mr. Hawkins back in 1975 was 12 years old and now in 1977 was a freshman at Tempe High School. It was easy for the area sales manager to just take over this very well-developed area and its growth into Tuscon, AZ.

So, that’s the beginning of Mr. Hawkins media life. He started moving into events, with his biggest event still in his life. Bring the Freedom Train to Tempe, AZ in 1976 and overseeing all of the media and staffing that was needed.

In 1977 he did do well with his buyout of the areas he developed and picked up some acres of Kona coffee in Hawaii as an investor not an owner. This was just the much need fuel for his personal development he needed.

Mr. Hawkins enjoyed most of his younger years as a man in media, music, movies and found a overwhelming passion of bring others together for events of all kinds.

Inclosing, after Mr. Hawkins joined the United State of America Navy in 1983 and came back to his hometown in Tempe, AZ in 1987 and he knows he needs to understand business all over again and wants to join the Navy Cargo Handling Battalion NCHB14 as a reservist so his training and skills could still be of service. By 1993 Mr. Hawkins became ranked number four in the world in print media with 26 newspapers in America and 16 magazines around the world. By 1997 Mr. Hawkins had taken on everything our Uncle Sam could gave him, and soon his body started breaking down and became a disabled Veteran in 1997 at the rank of BM1/E6 all Gold Strips for time of service. It took until 2012 when it was time for Mr. Hawkins to walk away from the life he lived and had built. He was diagnosed with many life-threatening synonyms that made him gain 160lbs in 12-months. From cancers, tumors and joint loss etc… some five-thing killing him.

By 2014 he had five stokes in 6-months and could not walk or talk. He turned overall, of his loved enterprises to those he had been working with, but two… To keep him thinking and busy. His cigar and media support businesses.

Mr. Hawkins moved to Nevada in 2012 and has dropped anchor. He has comeback with such passion to have developed the following: