Hawking for Nevada

Supporting those who support others in and around greater Nevada…

That’s what Hawkins for Nevada is all about our People, Communities, Way of Life, History and Future.

Before Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins decided to run for office as our upcoming Lieutenant Governor of Nevada in 2022. Mr. Hawkins was raised Republican Red back in Arizona, serviced in the US Navy until he became a Disabled Veteran. Understanding is passion of others he began supporting those who supported others. People and businesses that enjoy assisting businesses with their goals and objectives.

Hawkins Yard Sign & Ambassador Business Card

Mr. Hawkins found the best way to support others was to publish, promote, endorsements and donations of his time and or money.

When Mr. Hawkins moved to Nevada in 2012, he said it was a simple choice to make.

“Nevada has been a great location for me over the year to build many kinds of relationship, both in business and on a personal level. The VA Hospitals are among the finest and lord knows they have saved my life many times.” Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins

“The people of Nevada that enjoy their independence, are authentic and welcoming to me. Just like the Mojave desert is to those how understand what respect means.” Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins – Founder & Publisher of the Great Basin Highway Magazine & Radio Show

Great Basin Highway Magazine & Radio Show

It’s simple really, Hawkins for Nevada is based on the foundation Mr. Hawkins lives by. Right is right and wrong is wrong… he has found those people in the most part that live and love there State of Nevada… are the kind of bothers and sisters Mr. Hawkins can relate too.

“It’s so true, I come across local Nevadans that ask me straight off… Q: How long have to be in my town or state? A: I look them in the eye and say, I’m new here, only a few years out my many year of being an American and after already serving you as a Veteran… Q: What are you doing here? A: Living out the remainder of my life in a place I have dropped anchor. A: Thank you for asking…”

Mr Hawkins can see the passion and pride in the true Nevadans and he proud to know them.

“What’s right for Nevada is up to the true Nevadans and what’s wrong with Nevada needs to be gotten rid of today.”

Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins has been a man of God, simple man, community man, a service over self man and a man that believes in both Man & Woman that understand… Right is right and wrong is wrong based on the foundation of respect.

Vote for Hawkins is set aside for donations for Mr. Hawkins as he runs for the up and coming office – Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, please visit www.VoteforHawkins.com

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